Lack Of Fruit On Pineberry Explained

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I have been moaning about the lack of fruit on my Pineberry - I think I have figured out what the problem may be.

I first got them around the 15th May this year, I took pictures and uploaded them on my blog post of 20th May - see Pineberry / Pineberries. As you can see from the pictures on this post, they are in flower, although the fruit never really developed. Just search Pineberry from the menu on the left or by tag, and you will see a number of posts that show how things panned out. I have searched a few sites as to what the problem is with the lack of fruit, and there is very little information on these plants. I assumed that they would be the same as strawberries, except with smaller and less numerous fruit. I stumbled across the following from the Waitrose Press Centre - they stocked  punnets of Pineberries for the first time last year, and have the exclusive on these fruit this year. The press release was dated 30th March this year, one quote that interested was;

Waitrose is the only supermarket to sell pineberries in the UK. They will be available in 45 stores nationwide for the next five weeks while they are in season. 

It seems that is where the problem is. Their season may have passed, maybe it only lasts into early May, counting 5 weeks from the date of the press release. The fact that my Pineberries are sited in the greenhouse is probably serving little benefit.

As you will see from my recent posts, I am getting dozens of runners now, and I think I need to concentrate on growing as many as possible so that I am ready for next season

 For the Waitrose press release - and it is interesting reading, click


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