Pineberries Doing Well

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You may remember last year, Mum bought a pair of Pineberries and gave me one of them. Pretty soon it produced runners, and knowing that the original plant was expensive, it seemed worth potting as many of these runners as possible. Links to my previous blog posts are below;

The original pineberry has been kept in the greenhouse since shortly after I got it. The greenhouse isn't a requirement, my Mum's pineberry has been kept outside and it doesn't appear to have suffered any, despite the snow we have experienced. I think Pineberries are every bit as resilient as a strawberry plant. My pineberry runners were all potted into standard multipurpose compost whilst still attached to the parent plant, they were well watered in the warm months and have been kept in the greenhouse. Over the winter months, I watered sparingly once or twice a month. I only cut the runners off from the parent plant a couple of weeks ago, and then took the opportunity to repot all of the plants, again, in the same multipurpose compost.

Something that started to become a problem during the middle of last year was aphids and whitefly, my original post about this is below;
I managed to pick the aphids off by hand, but the whitefly needed some chemical assistance in the form of bug clear - see the image below, if you click on it, I have uploaded a hi-res image that will display so that you can read the full instructions.

Simply following the instructions seemed sufficient to kill the whitefly, and the plants looked a lot healthier shortly afterwards.

Earlier this week (Tuesday 03/04/12 to be exact), I watered the plants in the greenhouse and noticed that one of the pineberries was flowering, see below:

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