Pineberries Gradually Growing and Ripening

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Anyone that has read the Pineberry part of my blog previously will know that I only got them (the Pineberry plants)  last year when they first became available and that I was completely ignorant to them. It may also be apparent that I am becoming slightly obsessed by them too....


If I am completely honest, I am a bit of a useless ass in the garden. The only thing that I am completely comfortable with growing is Raspberries and Blueberries.


Last year, which was my first year, I got absolutely no fruit from the first pineberry plant whatsoever. Throughout last year and earlier this year, I grew lots of runners from the initial plant and kept them potted in the greenhouse.


This year, I have blogged describing the way that the plants have flowered, but not set fruit out. I have tried manually pollinating the flowers with a paint brush - see Pollinating Pineberry Plants , and then moving the plants from pots in the greenhouse to the earth in the polytunnel (We had to reclaim the polytunnel back from the ducks and chickens a week after the fence fire back in April andIs The Pollination Paying Off? )


It looks like the Pineberry plants have really thrived since being transferred to the polytunnel. It appears a mixture of home produced compost, rotted horse manure and a liberal sprinkling of chicken and duck poo has helped them on their way.


The pictures below give you an idea as to where the plants are up to.


To catch up to all posts relating to pineberries, click on the following:  pineberry/white strawberry and you will get the list.


Fruiting pineberry in polytunnel

Fruiting pineberry in polytunnel

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