Pollinating Pineberry Plants

Posted by: admin in MyBlog on Apr 29, 2012

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Last year I got poor results with my Pineberries, and I think that pollination may have been part of the problem. It looks like the same problem may be happening again this year - the lack of insects/breeze in the greenhouse is likely to be to blame.

Pineberries are like Strawberries - they are self-fertile. The Pineberry flower contains the reproductive system of the plant. They will usually pollinate themselves but normally need help from the wind, or bees etc. Have a look at the picture below - pollination occurs when pollen is transferred from the stamens, which are the male parts of the flowers, to the stigma (centre), which is the female, receptive part of the anatomy.

Picture of pineberry showing the stamen

Year on year, I seem to be seeing less bees in the garden, which is an obvious concern - bees are so important in pollination. Another thing that doesn't help is that all of my Pineberries are in the greenhouse. I leave the door and roof vents open to allow the pollinators in. So, the pollination situation is not the best, and could use a helping hand.

Today, I have taken a small artists brush and brushed from the outside of the Pineberry flower and inwards using a number of short and gentle strokes. Within a couple of days, the flower will start to wilt - this indicates that the pollen has been transferred from the stamen to the stigma, and that pollination - i.e. fertillisation has taken place.