Is The Pollination Paying Off?

Posted by: admin in MyBlog on May 9, 2012

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Late last month I detailed how I manually pollinated my Pineberry plants (see Pollinating Pineberry Plants). The latest picture of the most advanced plant is shown immediately below the text. You can see the flowers to the left and top of the picture are setting out fruit, but the ones to the bottom and right are shrivelling up, and based on previous experience will amount to nothing.

Shortly after this pic was taken, we reclaimed the polytunnel back from the ducks and chickens with the aim of reclaiming the tunnel to grow things in - rather than it being an extension of their run. The idea was to then extend the chicken and duck run into a flower bed that houses a lot of large shrubs, most of them were not visible from the rest of the garden, so the space was effectively wasted.

We emptied the contents of the fire damaged compost bin (see How The Fence Caught Fire - we think!) into the polytunnel and gave the ducks and chickens a couple of days to scratch around in the compost before sending them back to their run and preventing them accessing the polytunnel again.  The time that the ducks and chickens spent in there paid off - they did a really good job of mixing the compost in with the rest of the soil in the polytunnel. We still had to dig it over, but they really did help matters.

We then planted the Pineberry plants in the polytunnel, along with a couple of squashes, various chillis, and half a dozen different tomato plants kindly donated by my mother outlaw. The second and third pictures show either side of the polytunnel. The second is the left hand side and to the far left are various types of tomato, and the row in front is the pineberry plants - not bad bearing in mind I was only given one plant a year ago! And I have given loads of them away too! 

The third picture is the right hand side of the polytunnel - farthest away are a couple of squashes, followed by various types of chilli, with a basil plant thrown in, and then a couple of strawberries.

Fruiting pineberry plant in pots in greenhouse

Tomatoes and pineberry plants in polytunnel

Squashes and various chillis in polytunnel