Picking the Pineberries!

Posted by: admin in MyBlog on Jun 28, 2012

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I have waited just over a year to be able to post this - I have just picked my first pineberries!

They are smaller than I expected - roughly the same size as my thumbnail. You can get a better idea of their size by looking at my previous posts at http://www.gardensmallholding.co.uk/blogs/tags/PineberryWhite-Strawberry/

I was looking at them this morning and realised that one had started to go mouldy - its seeds were red and it had a pinkish hue to its flesh. I had been holding out on picking them as I was hoping that they would grow slightly larger. Unfortunately this was not going to happen, and the pineberry that has gone mouldly was extremely ripe. I have now picked the ones that appear ripe - seven in total. There are another couple to pick, but they are not quite ready. 

They smell like a mixture of strawberry and pineapple, and taste the same. They are sweet and very soft, the taste is not at all strong. But they are extremely nice, and if I had enough of them, I could easily make myself sick on them!

I have saved the remainder for my family for when they get back from school/work, and will post the verdicts on here.

Now I have the a large number of plants, in the best location, I have high hopes for next years crop! The most important thing I have learned is to make sure that pollinators such as bees are able to get access to the flowers. I had made the mistake of keeping the pineberry plants in a greenhouse that was pretty inaccessible to insects - I feel like a complete idiot!

Freshly picked pineberries from my garden!