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My Pinkberry Is On Order

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The new pinkberry 


Fruit growers have bred a new species of blueberry that looks set to brighten up muffins and pies.

The so-called pinkberry has a bright fuschia colour – a far cry from the usual deep blue shade of the superfruit.

It’s exactly the same shape and size as a blueberry but tastes much sweeter than its slightly sour cousin. 

They are said to be ideal for eating raw, sprinkling on cereal, baking into cakes and for using in drinks.

Horticulturalists in the US spent 20 years breeding pinkberries through cross-pollination and selected the Pink Lemonade variety due to its sweet taste. 

The bushes are now being imported to the UK for the first time to be sold through Devon-based Suttons Seeds.

The bushes’ pointed leaves turn bright orange in autumn and produce pale pink bell-shaped flowers, which grow into translucent white berries in the spring. 

The fruits develop into a green shade and eventually turn bright pink when they mature in August and September.

They are perfect for patios and balconies and can be grown exactly like blueberries.

It is best to plant the pinkberry bush next to other pinkberry bushes or blueberries, as this will make it grow more fruit due to pollination

The pinkberries come potted in 1.3 litre tubs and will grow to a height of 4.9ft with a 2.9ft spread.

Each bush will grow about 3lbs of fruit every year.

I have just ordered mine and cannot wait! I already have five blueberry bushes that are laden with fruit in my greenhouse at the moment. The soil in my area is extremely alkaline, so I have kept them potted using ericaceous compost.

They are being sold by Suttons Seeds -


Blueberry Still Has Fruit And A Flower

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Have a look at this pic, a fruit and flower on a blueberry bush in kent in September. I am not sure which type of blueberry it is - wish I had kept track of the names of the five varieties I grow.

Kent Blueberry In Flower And Fruit In September

Crazy Seasons, Crazy Blueberry

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As anyone living in South East England will testify, the weather has been completely crazy - swinging between really hot and humid weather through to cold shocks like those normally experienced in Britain in Spring or Autumn. Maybe this is the reason that a particular Blueberry has started to flower again?

Blueberry flowering in September in UK greenhouse

Blueberry Eating Bird In The Greenhouse

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I have fiercely protected my blueberries again this year as I have done in previous years to stop the birds getting at them. I put them in the greenhouse and have the roof vents open no more than 20mm. I also leave the door open to stop the plants cooking and hang a net covering the doorway and make sure it is tagged all around, so that there are no gaps that the birds can get through.

This has worked pretty well apart from one incident last year when a Thrush and Pigeon got in (see Picking Blueberries, Blackcurrants and Raspbe...) and started helping themselves to the Blueberries. I thought my Blueberries had got off scot free this year, until Sunday. I was preparing a bonfire in the evening and as I walked past the greenhouse, noticed that there was a small bird bouncing off the glass in the greenhouse. I duly went into the greenhouse to release it and took a picture on my camera phone before letting it go. It did a pretty good number on my Blueberries until I arrived - I am guessing that it gorged itself looking at how many were stripped from one bush in particular. Maybe it had eaten too much to escape through the gap that it managed to get in through. The picture of said bird follows, if anyone knows what species it is, I would be most interested.

The Blueberry Plundering Bird


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I took a nice picture earlier of some blueberries in the greenhouse.

Blueberries in Kent Greenhouse 12 August 2011

Got these this morning, there are going to be absolutely loads more yellow raspberries to come - the bush is laden.

Freshly picked yellow raspberries and blueberries

Blueberries Ripening

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Some of the blueberries in the greenhouse are just about ready or are ripening depending on the variety. There is little between them, maybe a week at most. See below;

Ripening blueberries in uk greenhouse

Ripening blueberries in uk greenhouse

Blueberry Bush With Loads Of Flowers

Posted by: admin

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I have five varieties of Blueberry - all of them different. If you google back on this site, you will see that I first got them about three years ago.

I have been feeding them compost from our compost heap - I have been stacking stuff up on the three compost bins since we moved here five years ago - The compost bins

One of the varieties has responded to the feeding and has flowers all over it; 

Bluenberries in flower

Blueberries in flower

The other varieties have yet to flower, I will post pictures when they eventually do....

A couple of hours ago, I went around the garden and picked the last of the raspberries, some blueberries and blackcurrants.

My blueberry yield isn't what it could be - the kids came running down the garden earlier shouting that there were a couple of birds trapped in the greenhouse - this is where I keep the blueberries.

I leave the door to the greenhouse open (to prevent the bushes from cooking on the hot, sunny days), but have a net hanging over the doorway. The sneaky little beggars - a thrush and a pigeon, managed to make their way around the net and into the greenhouse and were obviously helping themselves to the blueberries. The kids stumbled upon them, and they became flustered and were bouncing off the glass as they tried to escape.
Soft old me let them go whilst muttering under my breath.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, a pic of the harvest is attached;

Freshly picked blueberries, raspberries and blackcurrants

Got a huge tub full of raspberries and blueberries today! :o) (There are some blackcurrants hidden at the bottom of the bowl too)  I cannot eat them fast enough and will need to start sorting them, grading them and freezing some. I also need to start picking the blackcurrants, I will probably have a couple of carrier bag full of those!

Tub of raspberries and blueberries

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