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I am disappointed with the pineberry, it flowers, but the fruits don't develop. It doesn't seem to have grown any new shoots that have flowered, instead, the old ones are still going. They get to a point and then shrivel - here is the latest pic;

Pineberry fruit not developing

The crazy thing is that it has sprouted loads of foliage and looks really healthy, and I seem to have eradicated the pests.

Have a look at the picture of when I first got it, you will see what I mean: Pineberry / Pineberries

There are a few runners on it now, and I have haphazardly balanced some pots with multipurpose compost under them in the hope that they will take;

Pineberry with potted runners

My pineberry plant has a problem. As I mentioned before, the fruit are not forming as quickly as I would like, and on closer inspection, I noticed that the plant - especially the new growth, was covered with green aphids, brown aphids, and whitefly. I had the whole shooting match going on under the leaves. A real party.

I saw red, lost my composure and anyone with an organic bent can breathe a sigh of relief, I started picking the blighters off the leaves with my fingers and squishing them. It was better than squeezing spots, I spent a full ten minutes removing the bugs to the point that there were none left... well none that I could see. It was only at this point, that I realised a pic would be a good idea. Sorry folks, the the pics were an afterthough, hence no bugs. You can see the weedy flowers though, here's hoping that they pick up.

pineberry after removing aphids

Pineberry fruit growing slow due to aphids

Pineberry Update

Posted by: admin

The pineberry plant appears to be doing really well since being moved to the greenhouse, it has beefed up and has several fruit and a couple of runners. I am a little disappointed at how slowly the fruit have been forming. There is little information about growing these on the net, so I am going to follow the same method as growing strawberries. I have posted growing instructions for strawberries at and will use tomato feed as recommended.

Previous posts showing the pineberry before its move to the greenhouse are at: Pineberry Progress and how it looked when I first got it at Pineberry / Pineberries

Fruiting pineberry in greenhouse

The most recent posts about these pineberries are;

Pineberry / Pineberries With Aphids and Pineberry Not Fruiting Properly

Pineberry Progress

Posted by: admin

I have been moving the pineberry into the conservatory for the past few nights as I have been worried about slugs and snails attacking it. I cannot see any trails, but I didn't want to take any chances. I have now moved it into the greenhouse making sure it has been watered sufficiently each evening. It's coming on well and looks really healthy.

Pineberry in the greenhouse


Pineberry / Pineberries

Posted by: admin

Pineberries - yep. I thought the same, what the hell are pineberries? 

Well, they are essentially strawberries that are white/pink with red seeds that taste like pineapples. Sounds crazy? Well I thought so. I saw my mum last weekend and she was really excited about them and said they were expensive to buy for what they were and that she had bought two and wanted me to have one in case hers died and made me promise to let her have the suckers from mine in that event. 

I have planted the pineberry in a planter with multipurpose compost, see the following image, it looks just like a strawberry at the moment;

Pineberry planted in planter in multipurpose compost

This is what the pineberry fruit are supposed to look like;


Apparently these pineberry things are all the rage at the moment, and I cannot wait to try one. Thanks mum!

I have put brief details about them at the following link : but, if you want more information a link to the  wikipedia page to save you having to google  is below;

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