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Wot No Pinkberry

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I excitedly ordered my Pinkberry from Suttons Seeds at the end of June and blogged about it at My Pinkberry Is On Order.

I was just doing a tick and bash on my bank statement and realised that the order of 28/06/12, the money for which was taken from my account via debit card on 02/07/12 had still not been fulfilled, and that I had not received any correspondence in respect of.

I telephoned the orders line number from their website, to their credit, the phone was answered in a few rings. I was advised that the order would be dispatched in November!

At no point during the ordering process, or in confirmation emails was I advised that the order would dispatch the best part of half a year later.

I cancelled the order immediately and requested a refund. I think that this may be my first and final order placed with Suttons Seeds, regardless of how desperately I want the pinkberry.

Maybe I just need to relax a little more?

My Pinkberry Is On Order

Posted by: admin

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The new pinkberry 


Fruit growers have bred a new species of blueberry that looks set to brighten up muffins and pies.

The so-called pinkberry has a bright fuschia colour – a far cry from the usual deep blue shade of the superfruit.

It’s exactly the same shape and size as a blueberry but tastes much sweeter than its slightly sour cousin. 

They are said to be ideal for eating raw, sprinkling on cereal, baking into cakes and for using in drinks.

Horticulturalists in the US spent 20 years breeding pinkberries through cross-pollination and selected the Pink Lemonade variety due to its sweet taste. 

The bushes are now being imported to the UK for the first time to be sold through Devon-based Suttons Seeds.

The bushes’ pointed leaves turn bright orange in autumn and produce pale pink bell-shaped flowers, which grow into translucent white berries in the spring. 

The fruits develop into a green shade and eventually turn bright pink when they mature in August and September.

They are perfect for patios and balconies and can be grown exactly like blueberries.

It is best to plant the pinkberry bush next to other pinkberry bushes or blueberries, as this will make it grow more fruit due to pollination

The pinkberries come potted in 1.3 litre tubs and will grow to a height of 4.9ft with a 2.9ft spread.

Each bush will grow about 3lbs of fruit every year.

I have just ordered mine and cannot wait! I already have five blueberry bushes that are laden with fruit in my greenhouse at the moment. The soil in my area is extremely alkaline, so I have kept them potted using ericaceous compost.

They are being sold by Suttons Seeds -


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