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I excitedly ordered my Pinkberry from Suttons Seeds at the end of June and blogged about it at My Pinkberry Is On Order.

I was just doing a tick and bash on my bank statement and realised that the order of 28/06/12, the money for which was taken from my account via debit card on 02/07/12 had still not been fulfilled, and that I had not received any correspondence in respect of.

I telephoned the orders line number from their website, to their credit, the phone was answered in a few rings. I was advised that the order would be dispatched in November!

At no point during the ordering process, or in confirmation emails was I advised that the order would dispatch the best part of half a year later.

I cancelled the order immediately and requested a refund. I think that this may be my first and final order placed with Suttons Seeds, regardless of how desperately I want the pinkberry.

Maybe I just need to relax a little more?

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